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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
So, Tito Ortiz...I hear he got quite the "Rob Conway" reaction.
Man, after getting rid of Vince Russo and having a great 2012 I thought TNA was finally on the right track and got their heads out of their asses. This shit with bringing in Ortiz makes no sense. Him and Rampage Jackson are gonna have a fight in Belator soon and they're using TNA to promote it. This does nothing for TNA as an organization, nor does it help to expand their brand or help the TV product. The reason Ortiz got a nothing reaction is because there was no hype for this beyond some videos that were airing on TNA's web last week leading up to the show. Nobody knew who it was and most people were expecting a new wrestler to debut. That's even if they knew about these videos to begin with since they were never shown on TV before. But Tito Ortiz? Who the fuck cares? This isn't ten years ago when he was one of the most popular guys and a force to be reckoned with in the UFC.

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