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and you can never quarantine the past
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Pavement - Gold Soundz. When I was listening to this album, "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain," for the first time, I was only "half-listening" to it - you know, browsing the Internet or whatever while listening. It's a horrible habit and I really need to stop; passive listening does me no favors. But with that being said this song managed to grab me away from the deep recesses of the web and onto the task, or activity, at hand - the music. And it's been almost four months since the first time I heard it and I still haven't gotten sick of it. I can't say that about most songs. (Sure, it's barely three minutes long, and a rather simple melody at that, but still.) I love Stephen Malkmus' word salad lyrics, and particularly the line "You're the kind of girl I like, because you're empty and I'm empty." I relate to this because I always seem to become attracted (fascinated) to girls who are just as mentally screwed-up as me

And, also, you can never quarantine the past.
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