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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
So since this thread came to an end I've picked up Smear Campaign, The Code is Red and Enemy of the Music Business (I already had Utilitarian). These albums are all absolutely incredible, and I think Code is my favorite so far with Enemy coming in a close second. Where has recent Napalm Death been all my life?!
Then my job is done. I'm glad you liked them. You really should check out Leaders Not Followers.

I've been thinking about doing another thread like this based on my love for a few other bands/artists but I don't know if anyone is really interested. I've been having a hard time deciding on a band to do too because some of them:
- had very little material, and even less that would be something on here that no one has heard (Type O Negative/Peter Steele, Faith No More, Kyuss)
- have large gaps in their careers that I wasn't interested in listening to or am just not fond of, therefor the history wouldn't be as complete as I'd like (Mike Patton, Enslaved, Glenn Danzig)
- are just artists that I don't think anyone here really has much interest in (the Melvins, Sigur Ros)
- are bands that I'm newer to so I don't know if I'm the person to do a history on them. Or my thoughts on the band just aren't developed enough (Sonic Youth, Immolation)

I want to do a band that has a really large amount of material to draw from. I think it makes for a more interesting read. I'm really thinking about doing one on the Melvins but I just don't think enough people would care.
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