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I actually had a solid time at Mayhem in Tampa this year. This is my 5th time going (only one I missed was 2010). Brief review:

Motionless in White: Definitely a solid band and the crowd was into them. No real complaints. 7.25/10

Butcher Babies: The chicks are smokin' and the music was heavier than expected. Some of the screams were pretty bad, but solid otherwise. 6.75/10

Born of Osiris: Not too bad, although some of their songs rubbed me the wrong way. I don't mind electronic parts in hardcore songs, but I didn't care for theirs. 6/10

Job for a Cowboy: Only saw their first and last songs, but I've seen them a couple other times and they are always fun

Emmure: Fuck the haters, but I thought these guys were pretty awesome. Definitely one of the most intense pits of the day, I had a lot of fun at this show, and I'm not even familiar with their songs. 8/10

Scorpion Child: Unexpected surprise, these guys didn't belong on Mayhem, but they had a tight classic rock vibe, even if their stage was shitty. I'd check em out. 7.5/10

Machine Head: Like the OP said, MH is awesome, but I'm getting tired of their short ass sets. They've played Tampa 4 times since 2008, and they've all been sets 45 minutes or less at this same venue. Hey MH, bring your next headlining tour here, that's what we want to see! But still, they did kick ass for sure. 8/10

Children of Bodom: I can't give them a fair score because it was so fucking hot at this point that it was hard to focus on the band. I spent half of their set sippin on free Rockstars and eating free beef jerky. They were pretty good though.

Amon Amarth: Second best band of the day, these guys kicked ass! I didn't know any of their stuff (other than TotTG), but I came away a fan. Their stage setup was one of the best metal setups I've ever seen too. At first I was skeptical of them opening the main stage, but they totally deserved it. 8.25/10

Mastodon: I love Mastodon, but they really aren't that great of a live band. This was my third time seeing them and this was the second best (and this was really average). Their setlist wasn't very good, and they just come across as dull, especially after AA. Even their headline show I saw in 2011 was 'pretty good' at best. It's not like their songs are bad, but they need to fix something. 6/10

Five Finger Death Punch: Unlike most people, I love FFDP, and their set was my favorite of the day by a pretty large margin. The setlist was pretty much perfect for me, and the band looks like they're having a ton of fun onstage. They also threw out a ridiculous amount of guitar picks too. I'd love to see them become an arena-level band in their own right, and I hope they come back on their headlining tour. 8.75/10

Rob Zombie: Don't get me wrong, his stage show is awesome, but his music just doesn't do anything for me. I also just saw him in October, and his show is pretty much the same now as it was then. I left early after Meet the Creeper so I could beat traffic, and I was very glad I did. That said, if you love his music, he won't disappoint live. 7/10

Mayhem was a good time this year, but this was definitely a big step down from last year, and probably my least favorite time overall. Also, I can see Florida getting skipped on next year's Mayhem, considering that this one sold so poorly that they upgraded everyone who had lawn tickets into seats. I believe the seats hold only 7,000 people (and the lawn 13,000) so those numbers aren't too hot. Black Sabbath, on the other hand, had nearly 14,000 people two nights before (that show was PACKED), so it's not like metal is dead here. They just need a better lineup next time.
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