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The Darkness – Permission to Land (2003)

Sometimes is can get overwhelming listening to all this br00tal, deep and thought provoking music. Sometimes you just need to relax and have () fun. Listen to some fun music that’s light and catchy, has zero sustenance to it and is not trying to prove anything. The Darkness’ first album fits right into that category. It’s just fun to listen to. Poppy, CATCHY and enjoyable. Hey, you can only listen to so much Blut Aus Nord before you start turning into Gollum. I hated the Darkness at first because I Believe in a Thing Called Love was so damn overplayed on the radio. But instead of growing to hate that song each time it got played I actually started to really enjoy it. I think the awesome video helped out. So I got the album after being barraged with that song for six months and couldn’t believe how much I liked it. The rock songs were all great but what surprised me even more was the ballads. I HATE ballads. Like, hate. But the ballads on this album were some of the better songs on an already great album (Love Is Only A Feeling). Bravo, the Darkness. I just loved too that the band did not take themselves seriously at all. It’s too bad their second album was such a disappointment and the band fell of the face of the earth for close to ten years. They were poised to take over the world for a while there.
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