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Originally Posted by CaptRedBeardVII View Post
Machine head played From This Day, not Bulldozer.

While Mastodon is a good band, they are beyind boring in this setting. They are just not made for outdoor festivals, maybe it was the set list, I don't know. They didnt seem like they even wanted to be there, no energy. The only entertaining thing was the lightning/thunder coming down during the final song. Awesome day but for me, this band was the definite low point of the day. Give me a band that is fun to watch over this any day
My bad, I was back by the JFAC tent and thought it was bulldozer, couldn't hear everything clearly.

As for MAstodon, I'm a massive fan of theirs and I had never seen them live, so I couldn't give a crap what they played, and for me personally I'll take musicianship over energetic show.
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