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Backstreet Boys -- Los Angeles, CA -- July 31st, 2013

Yesterday, I found out through rjturtle that the Backstreet Boys were playing a free show at The Grove. I thought it was the Grove of Anaheim, but soon found out it was actually a mall in LA called The Grove. I left at 3 to head out to the show. I got to the area at 4 and spent a while trying to find parking. I didn't realize there was a giant ass parking structure next to the mall until a while later. I met up with rj(this is what I'm referring to him as from now on in this review) soon after. I had to walk past a giant ass line that wrapped around the mall to find him. He wanted to get pizza and I wanted to find food/beer so we split up and I wandered around the mall for a bit. I found a really good hot dog place that was over priced, but that's to be expected in LA. My friend and I wandered to the Cheesecake Factory to hopefully get beer but it was over packed. The lady at the door told us an awesome place to go that wasn't too far away. I ended up at a bar called Mixology. rj met up with us a while later to join in on some beer. We all had some great laughs as we drank. The place had a $275 shot of Louis XIII. We joked about tipping a dollar on that shot. rj left and I finished my beer and headed to the show. When we went to pay our bill, the bartender accidentally only charged us for one beer each instead of two.

My friends and I realized the line was already let in and there was no way we were going to get into the show. I called rj to see where he was and he was already in the show area. My friends and I decided to head back up to the parking structure because it was overlooking the stage. We got there to find a lot of security watching the area and not letting people watch the show from there. My friend found a great spot away from security. I looked at the car I was standing next to and saw a giant Vektor sticker on in. I took a pic and sent it to rj and told him where I was. He soon joined because he couldn't see the stage from where he was. Right before he got there, security told us we needed to leave. I wandered away for a bit but returned when rj got there.

We all hung out and had good laughs until the opening act went on at 730. We couldn't hear that well due to being behind the stage and far away. In the parking structure, there were an insane amount of cars trying to either leave or park. The car in front of us seemed like it was parked for 15 minutes while it was trying to go somewhere. After awhile, someone honked. This lead to an outburst of everyone honking for a minute, then some jackass decided to hold his hand on the horn for like 10 minutes. This was while the band was playing, so rj yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP HONKING!!! I'M TRYING TO LISTEN TO MY POP MUSIC!!!!" It was the best part of the night. Soon after, some guy walked up to the guy holding the horn and I thought a fight was about to break out. A bunch of angry people gathered up in front of rj's car and were mad at the guy. rj handed me his keys and dared me to go and honk his horn but I didn't want to haha it would have been funny. An old lady walked up and told him to shut up and he did. It was epic a grandma calmed the storm and we went back to enjoying the shitty pop band. They only played for about 30 minutes.

We then waited for about 30 minutes for the Backstreet Boys to go on. It was cold as fuck cause it was windy up there. The security kept telling us to leave. We all would walk away for a minute and return. rj was in the clear cause his car was right at the viewing point. There were a lot of people in our area when they went on about 830. Everyone around us was good until Nick Carter looked up towards the parking structure and waived at us. We all lost our shit like we were little girls int he 90s!! Soon after, security came back and told us to leave. They told us that we had to leave or LAPD would force them to leave. We walked away for a bit but after a few songs, I saw the security freaking out again. I decided to head out cause I didn't want to deal with the cops. I had seen like 20 minutes of the show at this point. I paid my parking fee and got in my car and started heading towards the exit but it was slow as fuck. rj's car was less than 200 yards from mine and it took about 10 minutes to get there. My plan was to blast Cannibal Corpse when I got to the people standing there watching the show, but by the time I showed up and blasted The Kill, the show had just finished and it didn't matter anymore I then proceeded to make the long drive home. It was completely worth it!!

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