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Mayhem Festival -- Tampa, FL -- July 31st, 2013

I'll write a better review tomorrow.

Thrown Into Exile - They were decent, much better than most of the metalcore this fest could have gotten, very energetic performance.

Huntress - This band sounds 10x better live than on CD, the whole thing with the cape and Jill's outfit is dumb, but besides that they were good.

Battlecross - By far the best side stage band of the day, they had the only wall of death at the show. They were probably the most energetic band I watched, I love their mixture of melodeath, thrash and metalcore, definitely became a fan of theirs today.

JFAC - Only saw two songs but heard everything, this band's recordings do not even remotely do them justice, JFAC are probably the epitome of a "Mayhem" fest band.

Scorpion Child - This band were a lot of fun, and I was glad they actually had a stage, really need to see a longer set.

Machine Head - This is the 3rd time seeing them, and I've never seen more than a 5 song set, they were good as usual, but I'm sick of the half hour sets.

Amon Amarth - The second best band of the day, Johan Hegg is an incredible front man and a really cool guy to talk too as well, he said they will be coming back late this year on a special headlining tour, could not tell me with who, definitely need to see them in a club.

Mastodon - This was by far the best band of the day, they were every bit as incredible as I was hoping for, getting to see Troy and Brann at work was awesome, I've waited almost five years to finally see them, so I can shorten my bucket list a little. Overall a great set, amazing sound quality, and surprisingly enough Brent Hinds was out talking to people, which I've always heard he's somewhat antisocial, but whatever.

I left after Mastodon because lol5fdpsucks and even though Zombie is cool live, not worth standing through an hour of 5fdp.

Only MH and Mastodon have been switching up sets so ...


2)From This Day
3)Ten Ton Hammer


1)Black Tongue
2)Crystal Skull
3)Dry Bone Valley
7)All The Heavy Lifting
9)Bedazzled Fingernails
10)The Sparrow

I got a drum head signed by Mastodon, CDs signed by Battlecross and AA, and JFAC signed my "Ruination" vinyl.

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