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As if we needed another reason to see how out of touch Vince is with the WWE audience, here are the prices for the PPV coming here in October:

$402.50, $302.50, $97.50, $72.50, $47.50 and $27.50

They're nuts with those first three prices, I wouldn't even have paid that much during the attitude era. My wrestlemania 18 ticket cost like $125. I know that was 11 years ago and times are different now but these prices are ridiculous for a secondary PPV.

The last PPV I went to here was Armageddon 2008 where I had to witness the horror of Jeff Hardy winning the WWE championship for the first time in a triple threat against Triple H and Edge. Those tickets were only like $60 something and I was right by the entrance way. Wrestling always draws really good crowds here but these prices are really gonna test the fan loyalty in this area.
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