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BFMV- Bittersweet Memories
Killswitch Engage- Time Will not Remain
In Flames- Ropes
Dimmu Borgir- Progenies of the Great Apocalypse
Machine Head- Ten Ton Hammer
ATR- Aggressive Opposition
ACDC- Get It Hot
Lamb Of God- 11th Hour
ACDC- You Shook Me- All Night Long
Crashdiet- Sin City
Five Finger Death Punch- You
Judas Priest- You've Got Another Thing Coming
Papa Roach- Still Swinging
Slayer- Mandatory Suicide
Iron Maiden- Fear Of The Dark
Battlecross- Beast
Deftones- Romantic Dreams
Metallica- Wherever I May Roam
Upon A Burning Body- Texas Blood Money
Cinderella- Don't know What you've got
Mudvayne- Dig
Sodom- Surfin Bird
As I Lay Dying- I Never Wanted
Iron Maiden- The Prisoner
Eyes Set To Kill-7/8
Dying Fetus- 7/12
Cannibal Corpse- 7/15
Sidewise- 8/9
Soufly- 8/11
Gemini Syndrome- 8/16
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