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I saw "The Conjuring" and "The Heat" with my wife on Sunday. Two nice surprises.

I hadn't heard much buzz about "The Conjuring" before seeing it, but now that I have, I can say that it's all deserved. Great movie. Legitimately scared the shit out of me on multiple occasions, and the fact that it's based on actual events makes it even more creepy. Lili Taylor was particularly good.

On a completely different note in terms of tone, "The Heat" was pretty much useless as a suspenseful cop story but of course that wasn't the point. The plot (which basically sucks) is merely an excuse to get Melissa McCarthy onscreen with Sandra Bullock, and together, the two of them just went crazy. I laughed out loud in the theater several times, and I wasn't the only one. These two chicks are funny as hell - especially together. McCarthy has been hitting the ball out of the park quite a bit lately - she might just be one of the funniest female actors around right now, and even though her schtick is a bit one-dimensional, it makes me crack up every time. I have no idea how she is the lead character on such a stupid show as "Mike & Molly", but all the rest of her stuff is pure comedy gold.
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