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Sepultura: The Mediator Between the Head and Hands Must Be The Heart

That's a pretty lame title for the new album. They finished recording the album in july and is schedule to be released later this year in October. Truth be told, I just hope this means another North American Tour for 2014. Their last album was horrible, and with the producer from the ROOTS era producing this album I'm sure it will reek of cats piss. Dave Lombardo is also making a guest appearance behind the kit for this one. Interesting, the EX-drummer for my favorite metal band of all time is guest drumming for my 2nd favorite Metal band ever. SLAYER AND SEPULTURA MEMBERS JOINING FORCES! Should be interesting. This is what Andreas Kisser had to say about the title of the new album:

"In the movie, a crazy millionaire wants to transform a robot into a real person. That's kind of the opposite of what we live today. More than ever we are robotized, through the worldwide web, Google glasses, chips under our skins and the globalized slavery our society suffers nowadays. The phrase points to the heart as being the human factor who keeps a man, a man, not a robot. The heart beats with freedom of choice, we have to think by ourselves to create a real world, not a matrix?"

Oh yeah, and the album will feature a DEATH cover. "Zombie Ritual"

Still won't change the fact that this album will probably reek of cats piss, I'm just crossing my fingers in hopes of another U.S tour for 2014.

8/31 - Sleep
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