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Baroness -- West Babylon, NY -- July 30th, 2013

They were selling the remainder of their shirts from the last tour for $5 each. Just my luck that they didn't have one even close to my size lol. Oh well. The merch lady said they were getting all new stuff for their show at the House of Vans in Brooklyn tomorrow with The Melvins, so, all should be good if anyone is planning on seeing them there.

Fun early evening show at a record store. I've now seen Baroness once before and after "the incident." The remainder of the band from before seem to have healed well, and the 2 new guys are playing the parts very well. Plus, it looks like Andrew Lincoln from the Walking Dead is their new drummer lol.

Take My Bones Away
March to the Sea
A Horse Called Golgotha
Green Theme
Swollen and Halo
Sea Lungs
Rays on Pinion (thanks "anonymous" and BloofoftheKings)
Board Up the House
Sweetest Curse

Edit: Also, forgot to mention, for those who don't know, this show was supposed to happen last summer, but because of the crash, it had to be rescheduled. According to the guys who work at Looney Tunes, this show took 2 years to get booked, and was originally booked by a guy named "Pat," who I believe is no longer with us. One of the guys at the store announced that as Baroness was taking the stage, and he dedicated the show to his friend.
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