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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
No. It's just that the only time(or at least MOST of the time) i see you post is when you're on the shifest threads(like carnival of madness, aftershock, Uproar, ect ). It has nothing to do with "keeping track of posts". If that was the case then you should be calling out PVH5150 for calling you out on your "boner for carnival of madness" tour. It has nothing to do with "keeping tracks of my posts", it's just common sense my man. Does PVH5150 keep tracks of your posts as well?

Keeping track of your posts? Don't kid yourself, buddy. You're not that important. Anyways, glad you think this tour is worth 20 bucks, maybe on the day of your show you can get some good seats off some crackwhore scalper for 5 dollars, and maybe somehow snag a piece of Tony Iommi's mustache and have him sign it.

Best post so far on this thread. Couldn't agree with you more, and i am counting down the days for when I see them on August 28th. Plus the true reason to really even go to this tour is so we can all get smashed in the face by tony's heavy sludgy riffs..
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