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The Ghost Inside -- Pomona, CA -- July 28th, 2013

Venue: The Glass House
Source: me

I met up with xdoomsayerx at the Glass House at 7pm and we hung out at a bar next door until Reign Supreme went on at 830. We looked at the merch really quick to find nothing that was worth buying. I wanted a Xibalba shirt but none were in my size. Reign Supreme played a 30 minute set. This was the second time I saw them and they sounded awesome! I could hear everything clearly and the band looked like they were happy to be at the Glass House. The only thing that sucked was they played a lot of slow material that I'm not too familiar with. There was a lot of karate going on in the pit. The singer said the most stupid thing ever. "everyone raise your fists in the air and when I say go, start swinging!!" After their set, I ran into the singer and asked if they will ever play And Come What May and he said no because the band is all about the slow riffing right now, which sucks ass in my opinion. Here's the few songs I recognized:

Mother Superior
Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag)
American Violence
Persevere and Overcome

Up next was Xibalba. I saw them last month in LA at The Echo and was disappointed by the crowd reaction there. I remember the first thing I thought was I wanted to see them in their hometown of Pomona. When I found out they were playing The Glass House, I was shocked cause its probably yhe biggest place they've played out here. They normally play the tiny bars around the Glass House. The singer even said how awesome it was to finally be playing there and how he really appreciated how the crowd was. The venue was filled all the way when they went on and the pit was a black belt tournament. So many arms were swinging. They ended up playing the same set as last time.

No Serenity
Fuck You Pelón
Bright Sun

The Ghost Inside went on at 10 and played for an hour. The crowd went crazy from the first note and it remained the same all the way through. There was a lot of crowd surfing and stage diving. My buddy, who works security at the front of the stage, got kicked in the face a few times from crowd surfers. The bass drop for the breakdowns were so fucking heavy and awesome!

Dark Horse
Faith or Forgiveness
The Great Unknown
Test the Limits
Greater Distance
Between the Lines
This Is What I Know About Sacrifice
Thirty Three
Blue and Gold
White Light
Engine 45

The show was really awesome overall and I'm glad I went!
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