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Clearly since they're are my favorite band, I dug Mastodon at Mayhem. That being said, their performance could've have been a lot better. Loading the set with almost strictly material from The Hunter doesn't make any damn sense. I can see playing tracks like "Black Tongue", "Spectrelight", "Blasteroid" and "Dry Bone Valley", but the slower tracks dragged down the tempo of the set and don't represent their sound accurately to non-fans that are at the fest (Not to mention closing with "The Sparrow" is absolutely moronic, such a anticlimactic end to their set.) Mastodon doesn't have a flashy stage presence so that combined with a lack of their heavier material made their set go over like a fart in church. The Hunter material just doesn't have the oomph that the older stuff does especially live, making their set disappointing for a majority of people (even diehard fans like myself.)
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