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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
I love Mastodon but can see them struggling on Mayhem Fest. Its hard for their music to whip the crowd into a frenzy like heavier bands such as Bodom, MH & Amon does before they go on. They don't have much in the way of stage production like Zombie or FFDP. Mastodon is not a good fit for this tour. They were excellent on the tour with Opeth/Ghost & Dethklok/High On Fire back in 09. They are much better headlining a club.
I love Mastodon, but the two times I saw them on The Hunter tour, they were very boring.The 3 times I saw them on the Crack the Skye tour, they were excellent.

I thought The Hunter was just ok, and the material doesn't really translate well live. I hope it's not the direction they're going, because I'll probably be done seeing them.
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