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Honestly if they just played older material, they'd fit in better at Mayhem. Earlier in the tour when they were closing with Blood & Thunder, people at least dug that and then when they played Oblivion. The main reason I think they're not necessarily doing well with a lot of the Mayhem Fest crowd is because a lot of the material on The Hunter really just isn't all that fast paced or meaty. Besides Black Tongue and Spectrelight, none of the tracks they've been regularly playing are the kind of songs people really rock out too. If they cut the shit and started playing more tracks like Capillarian Crest, Wolf is Loose, Iron Tusk, March of the Fire Ants, Mother Puncher, and of course Blood & Thunder, their set might go over better with this kind of crowd. But instead they just playing 8-9 songs off the Hunter along with two old songs.
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