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Mayhem Fest -- Tinley Park, IL -- July 27th, 2013

Okay, so the day started out uncertain whether or not I would be able to
make it to mayhem. Our hotel situation was very uncertain and so was the person who I was buying a pit ticket from. But everything worked out with the hotel and the ticket holder. I left at about 11 and arrived at the venue at about 1:00. I met the guy who was selling the ticket, I purchased it and went into the venue at about 1:10. Thrown Into Exile had already started playing. I quickly went to the jäger stage so I could get a good spot for battlecross.

After about 20 minutes huntress came on. I heard some of their stuff before mayhem and it wasn't bad. They put on a pretty good show, a lot better then what I thought they would do. And their vocalist can scream! At the end of the set I almost caught a guitar pick but it bounced off my hand which sucked. But Jill Janus threw out and unopened beer can, and I caught it. Now I'm 15 so security gave me a choice. I could either give it away or have in confiscated. So I just gave it to some dude behind me haha.

1.Spell Eater
2.Destroy Your Life
4.I Want To Fuck You To Death
5.Eight of Swords

I watched Attika 7 from the front of the jäger stage. They were okay. Next up was battlecross. They probably had the best performance of the day. They were definitely high on energy and just put on a killer performance. The pits were also insane. They also had a wall of death during flesh and bone, which ended up being the biggest pit of the day (after the wall of death). They ended with push pull destroy which was awesome. I also got a pick from them which was sick.

1.Never Coming Back
2.Man of Stone
4.Force Fed Lies
5.Flesh and Bone
6.Pursuit of Honor
7.Push Pull Destroy

After battlecross's performance I left for the battlecross tent. I bought a t shirt and their new cd. I had already purchased it on iTunes but I wanted a physical copy. I then went and waited for 45 minutes for the Amon Amarth signing. I'm pretty sure a bunch of people were cutting the line which pissed me off. After the signing I went to the zombie tent to do the John 5 signing until I realized I had to buy zombies new cd. No thanks. So I just went to the Bodom signing and met them. After that I waited there so I could meet up with a few people on a different board. They were both pretty cool. I hung out with one for a little bit. We went to battlecross's signing. Everyone has probably heard this before but they are awesome guys and take time with each fan. They had a very long line (time wise) but it was definitely worth it. They took a picture with you and signed anything you put in front of them. They also thanked you for your support etc.

Before coming I had decided that I was going to skip machine head and bodom so I could be front row for Amon Amarth. And I would be seeing all 3 in a week anyways so it's not like I won't ever see them again. So after the battlecross signing jfac ended and I decided to split up with the guy from the other board and go get my wristband for the pit. They let us in an hour and a half before Amon Amarth started.

At about 6 they had this guitar challenge thing. It passed 15 minutes pretty fast and this old dude won a guitar. Finally Amon Amarth came on stage!!! They opened with destroyer of the universe, which is definitely a good opener for them. Their weren't really many pits during the main stage and their was only one person wearing a Viking helmet. Anyway Johan hegg is as good live as he is in the studio. Amon killed it as expected. Also during their set the drummer broke a stick and threw half of a drumstick to me which was pretty cool.

Amon Amarth:
1. Destroyer Of The Universe
2. Pursuit Of Vikings
3. War Of The Gods
4. Deceiver Of The Gods
5. Death In Fire
6. Twilight Of The Thunder God

Next up was mastodon. I wasn't a fan to begin with and I am definitely not a fan after that performance. NO ENERGY, no enthusiasm. They are good musicians, but they vocals sucked and their performance was just boring. I wish they would of had lamb of god or kse in their spot. All in all a real sucky performance.

1.Black Tongue
2.Crystal Skull
3.Dry Bone Valley
7.All the Heavy Lifting
9.Bedazzled Fingernails
10.The Sparrow

Next up was five finger death punch. A lot of people can't stand them but I love them. They had a really good set. They played with excitement and energy. Unlike mastodon they looked like they wanted to be there and were having a good time. The highlight of the set for me though was during white knuckles. They let kids up on stage. I'm 15 but I'm about 6 feet. I asked ffdp security dude if I could go up. I told him I was 15 and he said "ya right, your not 15". So I showed him my ID and he let me up. It was pretty awesome. After they finished the song some dude took us off the stage and put us back in the pit. I lost my spot but I was planning on leaving my spot after zombie. And I got to go on stage so I really didn't care. At the end I also caught one of their drumsticks. It was almost like it skidded off everyone's hands and into mine. It was pretty awesome. Definitely one of the best performances of the day.
Five Finger Death Punch
1. Under And Over It
2. Burn It Down
3. Hard To See
4. Bad Company (cover)
5. White Knuckles
6. Lift Me Up
7. Coming Down
8. Never Enough
9. The Bleeding

Next up was Rob Zombie. He wasn't really that good but he wasn't bad either. Don't get me wrong, he has an awesome stage show and everything. It's just that his music isn't more then descent. Mayhem could have gotten a better headliner too. He really doesn't fit into the category of "mayhem". But overall it was a great day. And I'm really glad I was able to go.
Rob Zombie:
1. Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
2. Superbeast
3. Super Charger Heaven
4. Living Dead Girl
5. The Star Spangled Banner
6. We're An American Band
7. More Human Than Human
8. Sick Bubble Gum
9. Drum Solo
10. Meet The Creeper
11. House Of 1000 Corpses
12. Dead City Radio
13. Thunder Kiss 65
14. Dragula

Huntress: 7/10
Battlecross: 10/10
Born Of Osiris: 6/10
Job For A Cowboy: 6/10
Amon Amarth: 9.5/10
Mastodon: 2/10
FFDP: 9/10
Rob Zombie: 7/10
Killswitch Engage-10/24

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