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The Cult -- San Diego, CA -- July 25th, 2013

First date of the "Electric 13" tour.

When this was announced, the plan was to play "Electric" in its entirety & at least one song from every other album.

Didn't end up quite that way, but still, this setlist is great.

Set 1
1. Wild Flower
2. Peace Dog (first time live since 2008)
3. Lil' Devil
4. Aphrodisiac Jacket (first time live since 1987)
5. Electric Ocean
6. Bad Fun (first time live since 1987)
7. King Contrary Man (first time live since 2006)
8. Love Removal Machine
9. Zap City (first time live since 1991) (Substitute for Born to be Wild)
10. Outlaw (first time live since 1989)
11. Memphis Hip Shake (first time live since 1987)

Set 2
12. Honey From A Knife
13. Rain
14. Sweet Soul Sister
15. Embers
16. For The Animals
17. Rise
18. Phoenix (first time ever played live)
19. Lucifer
20. She Sells Sanctuary

21. Spiritwalker
22. Sun King
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