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This is quite late, but oh well

Alpha and Omega
Even If You Win, You're Still a Rat?
Follow The Water
Black Blood
Early Grave
These Colors Don't Run

Stick to Your Guns
Against Them All
Bringing You Down
Such Pain
Empty Heads
We Still Believe
What Goes Around

Defeater (Slightly Out of Order, but it's exactly what they played)
Warm Blood Rush
The Red, White, and Blues
I Don't Mind
Dear Father
A Wound and Scar
Empty Glass

The Chariot(included)
The Audience
Phil Cosby (Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville)
The Deaf Policeman(closer)

Quick notes:
-While in line for autographs for Reel Big Fish, I had to sit through the whole Never Shout Never set, and it was one of the worse things I have ever done.
-While still in line for Reel Big Fish, I had to catch some of Sleeping With Sirens set, and that was awful as well.
- Kellin Quin got smacked in the face with a water bottle and it was fantastic
- During the Chariot, Stephen Harrison(guitarist) hoped in the crowd and played while there was a huge circle pit around him. Then Josh Scogin hoped in for the end of The Dead Police Man and everyone dogpiled him and this huge mass just went everywhere in the crowd
- Defeater and STYG are best left to small venues
-Also caught all of Oh, Sleeper but I have no clue what the set was
-New Years Day is awful
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