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Black Sabbath -- Austin, TX -- July 27th, 2013

I arrived at the Frank Erwin Center around 7:00 via pedicab from the train downtown (I had missed an earlier train and didn't feel like walking when I was already late) and met up with my friend who had my ticket after being bombarded by scalpers outside. After we got inside, we checked out the merch booth (hoodies were $100, shirts (Black Sabbath logos, tour shirts, 13 artwork, a Volume 4 longsleeve, and a Sweet Leaf shirt/tank top) were $40, hats, either $30 or $40, signed CDs were $50, wristbands were $5), gave it a nice "fuck that" (I later bought a wristband and a signed CD though) and headed to our seats. I wound up sitting significantly farther away from the guys I got my ticket from, which turned out to be a good thing, since I met a random guy who bought me a beer and shot the shit with me during the "opening act", and I met another friend of mine who was at the show with her mom and her boyfriend and I wound up talking to them between the bands.

The lights went out promptly at 7:30 for Andrew W.K's DJ set. There really aren't any comments I can make about the set; the thing Andrew was standing on and dicking around with had smoke machines and lights under him, but that's about it. One of the guys sitting behind me summarized it as "so it won't be as boring", which I found rather apt.

Andrew W.K DJ set:

Straight Through the Heart
A New Level
Smoke on the Water
Raining Blood
Ace of Spades
Cherry Bomb
Master of Puppets
For Whom the Bell Tolls (first few seconds as outro)

Several times during the set, Andrew teased the audience about them "getting to see Black Sabbath", which got pretty much the only rise out of them that night while he was on. When he finally left, the stagehands wasted no time getting Sabbath's shit onstage, leading to their prompt start at 8:15 (or so). The audience was absolutely deafening as Black Sabbath did their thing onstage. Tony was mostly rooted to his spot onstage, moving every now and then mostly to dodge Ozzy moving around, their drummer (who's name escapes me at this moment) was incredible, and Geezer was usually standing around. Make no mistake though, Black Sabbath was definitely at a highlight that night, save a couple of instances in which Ozzy's voice started to falter (he notably started coughing into the microphone), but with the band's age, that's to be expected.

For the next couple of hours, Black Sabbath dealt out some old songs, some new ones, and made sure everyone there got what they paid for. Ozzy's frequent interaction with the audience kept everyone excited and actually happy to shout "one more song". That man has some serious talent behind the microphone. After the show, I talked with my friend, her mom, and her boyfriend for a while before we parted ways, and I went down to the floor to look for a pick, and I somehow wound up helping the guys tear down the stage for a while before they found out I didn't work there.

Overall, Sabbath put on one hell of a show. The lack of "Symptom of the Universe" surprised me, and I really wish they had done "Sweet Leaf" or "The Wizard", but with Behind the Wall of Sleep and Children of the Grave live, I can't really complain.

I'd definitely advise hitting up this tour if you can, it's fucking worth it.

Black Sabbath

War Pigs
Into the Void
Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes
Age of Reason
Black Sabbath
Behind the Wall of Sleep
End of the Beginning
Fairies Wear Boots
Rat Salad
Drum Solo
Iron Man
God Is Dead?
Dirty Women
Children of the Grave
Paranoid (with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath intro)
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9/16 - Prong
10/23-26 - HHFF
10/28 - Mike Watt
10/29 - Melvins
11/7 - 7 Seconds

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