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Originally Posted by metallicbrian666 View Post
Taake, Gorguts, Excruciating Terror, and Hemdale are incredible first picks. This year is probably going to be much better than last year.

I like At The Gates but hopefully they don't draw in the wrong crowd (their fans). I'd rather see them as a "big draw" band than someone like Down though.
What's wrong with At The Gates fans?

I think I'm going to be attending this year. At The Gates, Taake, Mgla, Solstafir

This along with Roadburn is going to make my bank account hurt.
9/15 Agalloch
9/29 Defeater
10/3 Anathema/ Alcest
10/4 Mark Lanegan
11/1 Dax Riggs
11/8 LOG/KSE
12/12 High on Fire
2/22 DT/OG
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