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Yeah, they really fucked up with Ryback. They had a new star in the making last year and all they had to do was have him beat Punk for the belt at Hell In A Cell and he would've been huge. Fuck the plans they had with The Rock, sometimes in wrestling a guy gets hot and that's who you have to go with and forget the original plans you had. There was tons of money in an booking Ryback an unstoppable fan favorite champion and they completely missed it. The Punk/Rock and Rock/Cena feuds still could've happened without the title being on the line.

I hope they realize what they have with Daniel Bryan. He's more over now then Ryback was when he challenged Punk for the title. Hopefully Vince has enough sense to put the belt on him at SummerSlam. This shit where Cena is the only one allowed to be a superstar in the company has gotten old and will hurt the future in ring product if they don't allow someone new to run with the ball. Daniel Bryan is the man right now, they better not fuck this one up.