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I always thought that fans throwing garbage into the ring was a nice visual and really added to Hogan's turn. Now after that it happened many times when the NWO was in the ring giving a beat down to someone but those people may have been just doing it for fun. The night Hogan turned all that garbage getting thrown in the ring was because people were legit pissed at him.

I always figured the fat dude who rushed into the ring was one of those fans who took wrestling way too seriously and thought the shit was real. I always thought it was a diehard Hulkamaniac who just watched his hero turn to the dark side and wanted a piece of Hogan for turning his back on him. Yes, there are a lot of wrestling fans who are like that.

Still, as a fan you do not jump the rail and get into the ring during a wrestling show. Even if Bubba Ray Dudley is provoking you and trying to pick a fight with you It's an unwritten law in pro wrestling and the wrestlers have every right to attack a fan who does that. It's a self defense thing for the wrestlers since you don't know what that fan has in mind.

This was always my favorite fan run in. It's truly a "what the fuck just happened?" moment.

At least it looks like Eddie got a good right hand in on that idiot.
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