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I think a "shocking" heel turn the WWE totally missed the boat on would've been Goldberg. It wouldn't have been nearly as shocking but it would've had one hell of an impact.

It was even a similar situation; WWE fans never warmed up to Goldberg just like WCW fans never warmed up to Hogan (at least never to the levels in their previous promotions), they were both coming out to mixed reactions. Hogans changed wrestling forever (it was a precursor to the Attitude era), who knows what a Goldberg heel turn could've done in the WWE.

I always wondered; when Hogans doing his speech after the turn that big fat guy tries to get into the ring only to get his ass kicked by Hall a few times before he can get there. What the hell do you think was going through that guys mind? It's one thing to rush a ring when there's a match going on and the wrestlers don't even notice you. But how stupid can you be to rush the ring when two of the three guys are just standing there? And on top of it they're three fucking huge guys?

And as trashy as some people think it was; I LOVE the garbage flying around. That was real rage from the crowd. Maybe the fat guy was going to clean it up and it just worked totally different then he intended.
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