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Yea I guess those are good points. Obviously yes it was a complete shock to pretty much anybody that saw it happen. So both of those points I do get. It was absolutely unfathomable to think of him not as a good guy.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't people kind of booing him a little bit throughout '96 before Bash? It seemed like there was a small amount of people that kinda started booing a little bit before he took the time off before Bash. I will admit that WCW (about the only huge thing they did the right way) absolutely did the right thing in setting up Hogan to be the 3rd man. Thank god for the mid 90's because there's NO WAY something of that magnitude could have happened in 2013.

I'm still a little baffled that more people didn't have atleast an idea that could happen, it seemed like the Hulkster gimmick was starting to wear on atleast a few WCW fans in the first part of '96. Not saying I would have expected it either, but after watching all those Nitros now its like a light bulb just came on. Either way I'm having a blast going through all of these a little bit at a time.
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