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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
So a year ago I downloaded all '96 Nitro torrents & ppvs and watched in order. Maybe a small part of this has to do w/ knowing what happens already. Im a couple Nitros after nWo started. W/ everything leading up to Bash At The Beach, how did people not suspect Hogan was the 3rd man?

Obviously this is in the infancy of internet & dirt reports and all that stuff. But I started realizing, Hogan hadn't been on tv for how many months leading up to that ppv? Maybe its partial revisionist history but if you watched WCW weekly isn't that something that could have been predicted?
I think the reason Hogan was such a shock as the third man in the NWO is because a turn that massive had never happened before in wrestling. Sure, good guys turned bad before and vice versa but Hogan was THE good guy. He was the man that all the people looked up to for so many years, the guy that was the face of all that was good and right in the world of wrestling. Hogan ever playing a bad guy was just something unthinkable at the time. Even Hogan has said since then he was very hesitant to do it because of what his character stood for. But he and Bischoff agreed that the story needed something shocking to take it to the next level so he went through with it.

I remember my brother and I watching Bash At The Beach 96 live and neither of us thought about Hogan being the third man leading up to it. I kind of called it at the last minute when Hogan was coming down to the ring and Heenan said "but which side is he on?" Once Hogan hit the ring I said "he's gonna attack Savage" and then ten seconds later he did. Still, a huge shock when it did happen. Even though Savage is one of my all time favorites, I got into wrestling in the 80s because of Hogan and was a big fan of Hall and Nash from their WWF run so I really liked when it happened.

I don't remember the dirt sheets too well from that time so somebody may have predicted that was gonna happen and i'm sure everyone just laughed it off. But overall WCW did a damn good job with making sure nothing about the early stages of the NWO story were leaked online. It still wasn't even clear for awhile weather or not Hall and Nash were still under WWF contract and if Bischoff and Vince weren't working together for some super angle involving both companies.
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