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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Read the damn Boris essay and read it very carefully. There's also the fact that Lars has given every interview under the planet giving bullshit excuses that he's somehow "above thrash." Yammering that he's above playing fast even though its the only reason anyone cared about his band more than Motley Crue, a [admittedly inferior] band he dogged at every turn.
Fuck the fucking Boris essay! Seriously, how is that guy the authority on all things Metallica or thrash?! I'm not going to spend one more second of my life reading a bullshit essay from a 24-year-old thrash troll! I'll admit, the Lars Ulrich of 2013 is somebody I want nothing to do with. He's an awful, lazy drummer and comes off as an arrogant prick. Granted, the Lars Ulrich of 1986 was probably a little snot, but he wasn't plotting to ruin heavy metal and he certainly wasn't trying to show his artistic honesty. Of all the big thrash bands, Metallica were still the ones who were the most rooted in the NWOBHM sound mostly, I would assume, because Lars was a massive fan and in turn made his bandmates massive fans, and they never really stopped dipping into that well... until the 90's, that is, but that's when Lars becomes Lar$, and the arrogant egomaniac comes to be.
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