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Originally Posted by BRAman22 View Post
Mötley Crüe

Too Fast For Love

1. Live Wire
2. Public Enemy #1
3. Too Fast For Love
4. On With the Show
5. Take Me to the Top
6. Come On and Dance
7. Piece of Your Action
8. Starry Eyes
9. Merry-Go-Round
10. Stick to Your Guns

Shout at the Devil

1. Too Young to Fall in Love
2. Red Hot
3. Shout at the Devil
4. Knock 'Em Dead Kid
5. Bastard
6. Looks That Kill
7. Ten Seconds to Love
8. Danger
9. Helter Skelter
10. God Bless the Children of the Beast
11. In the Beginning

Dr. Feelgood

1. Kickstart My Heart
2. Rattlesnake Shake
3. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
4. She Goes Down
5. Same Ol' Situation
6. Dr. Feelgood
7. Without You
8. Sticky Sweet
9. Slice of Your Pie
10. Time For Change
11. T.n.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown)
Merry-Go-Round needs to be swapped with Come On And Dance, and On With The Show swapped with Public Enemy #1.The other two or solid, same favorites I see
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