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Alright, here's one doozy of a chat. This is with Eric Wagner, the original singer for Trouble and now he's in The Skull, a band that plays nothing but old and obscure Trouble songs. Eric's voice was absolutely nothing like I expected, it honestly might have been one of the lowest I've ever heard. And if you've listened to Trouble, you know that most of the time Eric does this high pitch screech thing. Personality-wise, Eric was everything I was expecting, saying dude and man all the time haha. Just a fun conversation overall, although I was afraid I might have bummed him out when I mentioned that The Skull-era of Trouble was a dark time in his life. Anyway, there's lots of random trivia and whatnot from all the eras of Trouble in here, so I think it'll be a fun read!

Now here's my interview with Orchid. Now these guys are all friends of friends to me, so I didn't want to come off as some forgettable douchebag journalist guy, especially since I'll more than likely see them pretty often in the future. I straight up derped on a question or two, but otherwise I think this one is an enjoyable read. If you think I put in "laughs" a lot, that doesn't even describe half of the funniness that happened, I actually cut out a bunch of random quips and whatnot that resulted in even more laughter. Stuff like when guitarist Mark mentioned that the Moog was the only instrument he could play with his feet, I replied "Oh, well tell that to Geddy Lee!" Drummer Carter walked in during the interview, so Theo gave him the "shush" finger. In response I said "Well cool, we have Carter joining us!" and he threw in a few random jabs for the rest of the time he was there. There's nothing really revelatory, but I think it's a cool look into what fun and jolly guys the Orchid guys are.
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