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Bon Jovi - Blood On Blood

This song is just an phenomenal piece of not just rock music, but music in general.The shimmering acoustic guitars, the incredible electric guitars, amazing piano and keyboards, solid bass, and booming drums all make this song just absolutely perfect.The guitar solo is a masterpiece in and of itself, it's as if Richie is telling a story within a story with this solo, and I've yet to find anything like it.The vocals are outstanding from both Richie and Jon,and the song also has my favorite pre-chorus of all-time.Considering when this song was released, it definitely wasn't your typical hard rock song at the time, and I really can't think of anything that really sounds like this.I guess I can say it's Bruce Springsteen with guitar overdrive cranked up without the horns.I can also relate to this song on a personal level, because the song is about friendship and friendship is really important to me.No other song that's ever been made (IMO) captures this more than this song does, and therefore until a song that is of this level is released this will always remain my favorite song of all-time, even if Bon Jovi doesn't remain my favorite band.
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