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Not that these two really need Youtube links but here you go:

Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams

Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

I know that I'm only supposed to pick one but when I read the first post both of these songs sprang instantly to mind and I really don't know which I'd consider me favorite.

For me Hallowed is just such a perfect blend of everything, great lyrics, slow moody moments, climactic buildups, great solos and riffs, fantastic vocals, and, especially live, it just invokes the feeling of complete catharsis.

However, I feel like Infinite Dreams has many of the same elements and also has had a huge impact on my life and has a lot of sentimental value for me. The song itself is dramatic and powerful, full of a diverse range of musical shading and textures, the drumming is top-notch, the bass is furious, the lyrics are thought-provoking, the guitar melodies can't be beat, and Bruce sounds great as per the norm.

On a more personal level this is the song that got me into Iron Maiden, heavy metal, rock and roll, and music in the general sense. I still remember the very first time I heard this song back when I was 14 and was totally blown away. I had such little knowledge of or interaction with rock music back then it was unbelievable, I didn't even know who Kiss were, anything about AC/DC, no knowledge of Metallica, I wouldn't have even recognized the riff to Smoke on the Water or known what Welcome to the Jungle, Crazy Train, or Stairway to Heaven sounded like. However, on the crazy recommendation of a friend I went on the internet and looked up a band called Iron Maiden and this was the first song I ran across. To say it drastically changed my life is an understatement. Rock and metal music became the biggest and most important hobby in my life, Iron Maiden became and has always stayed my favorite band ever, and this song has remained one of my absolute favorites of all time, if not the favorite of all time.
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