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The Toronto show was about $44 after charges or something, and since it's with ticketfly you actually save a couple of dollars if go for the online printout instead of a hard ticket being mailed to you. I don't think Ticketmaster gives you a discount on that. So some of insane Montreal price could just be the venue they're playing. What's the face value of Montreal tickets before the service charges?

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Why aren't there more shows at the Kool Haus anymore? I was there a million times in the late 1990's and I've been there three times since, the last time was four years ago.
Could be for a number of reasons really, but i'm guessing it could be because Kool Haus, being a dance club a lot of times, just not wanting to book concerts maybe? Or maybe they're asking for a shit load more money from the bands/promoters these days. I don't know...
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