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Sworn In Bassist Kicked Out Because He Likes Model Trains Too Much


I really couldn't tell you how true this is or not, but with something that absurd I'm inclined to believe it. The bottom line is that Sworn In's bassist got kicked out for trains. Seriously… I think.

As obtained by Lambgoat, here's what former Sworn In bassist Sean Banks said about getting kicked out of the band. Keep in mind that banks says this is one-hundred percent legitimate, even though we're all inclined to call complete and total bullshit on it:

Recently my longtime hobby of building and collecting model trains had gotten to be too much for the band. I had skipped practice, spent all my tour money, and basically never saw my band. I became too involved in the trains and they had enough of me putting it as my number one priority. I am currently searching for a new band to play guitar or bass in.

That's right, kids. Banks got kicked out of Sworn In because trains take up all his time. I really wasn't kidding with you on the headline; that's seriously what happened here. In all honesty, good for him if he found something he loves to do more than what he's doing. At least he's happy with his new jams! More on this as it comes out to either be true or false, because it's still really damn funny either way.

Well god damn thats funny.
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