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Faith No More Ė We Care A Lot (1985)

Iíd forgotten how awesome this album was until I was cycling through all the songs to list them from best to worst on another thread. I listened to them all and realized there isnít really a bad song on this album and it may be Faith No Moreís second best album (after Angel Dust, of course). They really were a different beast in these days. The biggest difference is obviously the fact that Mike Patton wasnít singing on this album. Chuck Mosley had a very unique delivery. Completely out of tune, out of time even on a lot of parts. Really, heís a terrible singer. But thereís a certain charm to his vocals. Itís a perfect case of so bad itís good. The keyboards were a lot more simplistic on this album too. They really only have one sound to them on this album; that cheesy 1980ís synth sound. But it all sounds so youthful and carefree. And there are some damn fine songs on this album, including a version of the title track thatís a million times better than the one of their second album. Iíve never had a CD copy of this album. My guitar teacher had a copy of it on cassette that he let me borrow shortly before his passed away. I donít have a tape player anymore but I still hear this album and I remember him. Itís almost impossible to find (itís rarely on eBay, never on Amazon and not even on iTunes) but if you ever find a copy buy it and send it to me.
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