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My updates. Watched Saw 1-5 over the last few weeks, more Sailor Moon, and the first Pirates of the Caribbean.

Saw 1 - Good stuff, really liked the twists in it and all the litttle things that were easy to miss.
Saw 2 - Probably one of my favorites of the series, so much drama and twists and such. A bit too gory for me, and some of the traps were hard to watch, but the story itself is what kept me hooked.
Saw 3 - Wasn't bad, seemed a bit too much like an On Rails Shooter to me (go here, do this, go here, do that, etc etc), but the ending was such a "NO YOU IDIOT DONT DO IT"
Saw 4 - I got a real headache watching this and trying to figure out who was who and what the hell was going on. The twist at the end was great and made it make more sense, probably go back and watch it again now knowing how to watch it.
Saw 5 - Really good! Made up for Saw 4 being a cluster. Jigsaw in this one was great, but I still had that "WHO IS WHO" going on at times since the main good guy and main bad guy look very similar.

Pirates of the Caribbean was great, but a bit too long for me. I still enjoyed it, but felt myself spacing off near the end. I'll probably watch the second one tonight.

And Sailor Moon is great . I got to the second (?) season, where Moonlight Knight is in it, good stuff. If anyone watched this as a younger kid, you need to give it another chance. I almost gave up a few episodes in, but once things get rolling it gets more entertaining.
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