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To add a bit with a review of the bands I saw and DC didn't and my thoughts of bands and shit.

Crizzly was playing when I walked in/was waiting in line. Brostep as fuck and I loved it. He (they?) did a remix of that Bugatti song. Perfect start to the day.

MC Lars sounded really cool from the few minutes I saw of him.

Defeater were okay, a little underwhelming. The set in the OP is from last October, here's their Warped set.

1. Warm Blood Rush
2. The Red, White and Blues
3. Dear Father
4. Bastards
5. Blessed Burden
6. A Wound and Scar
7. Cowardice
8. Empty Glass

Beebs and Her Money Maker sound like a No Doubt ripoff and I'm fine with that. Entertaining from what I caught.

Upon a Burning Body were breakdowns incarnate. Really boring live. Including the lyrics to Deep in the Heart of Texas into a chorus of one of their songs was absolutely fucking cringe worthy/hilarious.

I thought August Burns Red weren't bad, probably the worst I've seen them though. The dude who does backup vocals got a lot better than the last time I saw them.

1. Back Burner
2. Internal Cannon
3. Meddler
4. Provision
5. Fault Line
6. Empire
7. Composure
8. White Washed

Big D and the Kid's Table were really great. Really small crowd though unfortunately.

1. Little Bitch
2. Noise Complaint
3. Shining On
4. Myself
5. 51 Gardner
6. Breaking the Bottle
7. Stepping Out of Line Forever
8. Describing the Sky
9. LAX

I decided to watch Run DMT since I'd heard of him and there was nothing better going on. One of my top three of the day. He played some drum and bass and some dubstep. He also remixed Cypress Hill's "Hits From the Bong." He had a way bigger crowd than I expected and really got the crowd going. About 10 minutes into his set he called for a mosh pit and the crowd delivered. The pit didn't really let up until his set was over (an actual pit too, none of that hardcore dancing bullshit).

Reel Big Fish were fucking hilarious. Another one of the top 3 bands of the day. The only problem was that they were playing the stage that was right next to the stage that Sleeping with Sirens was about to play and whenever any person from that shitty godawful abomination of a band would come onstage to sound check, EVERY FUCKING PERSON in front of that stage would start screaming like the 13 year old girls that they were. Really fucking annoying when I'm trying to watch a band, plus I was standing in the kind of no man's land where the Reel Big Fish fans ended and the shitty scene kids began.


1. Sell Out
2. Thank You For Not Moshing
3. Everyone Else is An Asshole
4. Your Guts (I Hate 'Em)
5. S.R.
6. Another F.U. Song
7. She Has a Girlfriend Now
8. Beer
9. Take On Me (Aha cover)

The Black Dahlia Murder killed it as usual. What more to say? The last of my top three bands of the day. I spent most of the set trying to figure out the band on Trevor's shit. (Found out later it was a Purtenance shirt). @ the few dudes trying to get all hardcore in pit.

I dislike The Chariot's music, but wanted to see the supposed crazy live show. They didn't bring it like I was promised, but they still did do some cool stuff. The face on the security people was priceless when the bassist got in the crowd and had people circle pit around him.

Big Chocolate was entertaining to watch, but not as high energy as when he was playing his dubstep tunes. Still entertaining to watch him though. I dipped out towards the end of his set to head to Chicago to catch KEN mode and Inter Arma.
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