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We Reach: the Music of the Melvins (2005)

Tribute albums can go either way. I posted those two Black Sabbath ones a few months ago and went on about how fantastic they were. But then you get tribute albums that just don’t work. The Melvins are one of my favorite bands. And you look at the line-up on this album (the Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, Pig Destroyer, High on Fire, Isis, Eyehategod) and it’s a bunch of bands that I really enjoy. So you’d think that this was a surefire hit. And boy is it not. Nothing works on this album save the cover of Raise a Paw by Disengage, and it's only a minute and fifteen seconds long. With the Masters of Misery Black Sabbath tribute album I was listening with bated breathe for every next to see how much cooler the next band was. Total opposite here. I struggled to listen to a song and couldn’t believe how much worse the next one was. Sometimes the stars just don’t align and this is an example. I guess this proves that there is only one Melvins and no one should ever try to be them. Avoid this at all costs, whether you’re a fan of the Melvins or any of the bands involved.
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