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Morbid Visions is the one time I'll agree with pituitary retards of the metal community in that yes, it was a Slayer ripoff. And yes, both Reign In Blood and Hell Awaits were better (though not necessarily faster).

Whats fascinating to me about early Sepultura is that no one can quite decide what they are. There are those who say it's thrash, some say it's black, and others say its death. Both Morbid Visions and Schizophrenia are consistently ranked on top death metal albums of all time lists.

7/10 is about what I'd give it, unless I heard some asshole gave a diatribe on how great nu-metal groovy Sepultura was. Then I'd probably give it an 8.5. The atmosphere is great, but aside from Troops of Doom (and the fact that a chorus riff in War sounds suspiciously like it was stolen by Axl Rose for My Michelle), I couldn't really tell you much about the actual songs.

Pleasure To Kill though, the short answer for that is 11/10.
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