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Skrew – Angel Seed XXIII (1997)

Skrew should have been bigger than they ended up. They released some really solid industrial metal in the early 1990’s that any fan of Ministry would enjoy. Then they released what I felt was their best album (this album) just at a bad time. 1997 was not a good time for metal (unless you sounded like KoRn or the Deftones). It was a dark time and a lower-tiered band like Skrew suffered greatly. It didn’t help that the only magazine that promoted the album was Metal Edge, which was laughable at the time. But this is an excellent “forgotten gem”. They do tend to rip off a few other bands: the main riff in King Of The Hole is pretty damn close to A New Level by Pantera (for you, John the Drummer) and the drums in Kosmo's Seed sound an awful a lot like the Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. I can't find an audio sample of that song but trust me. But there’s a lot of really good stuff going on here. Their earlier stuff was pretty straight-forward but they experimented a lot with their sound on this album. I loved this album from the second I heard it and still listen to it today. It's pretty much impossible to find and that's really to bad because it's really good. This album performed so poorly the band broke up less than a year after it was released but they're back together now and are prepping a new album for 2013. I hope they release Angel Seed XXIV. It's that good.
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