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Sepultura - Morbid Visions - November 10, 1986

There's a quote from Max Cavalera that I'll always remember that goes something like, "Back in Brazil there were definitely bands who had more talent than Sepultura, but Sepultura had the attitude," or something. That statement certainly rings true enough when listening to their full-length debut, Morbid Visions.

Don't get me wrong, Sepultura certainly play fast enough, but there's a sloppiness to their playing and a repetitiveness to their songwriting at this point which do nothing to separate them from the pack of thrash bands who are already starting to flood the market. Max's vocals here are also nothing compared to what they would become -- raspy, barked and largely monotone. Where they do set themselves apart is the youthful, reckless abandon with which they play. The feeling is so undeniably evil, so butt-fucked-with-a-chainsaw that you can't help but get caught up in stuff like "Troops of Doom" and "Funeral Rites".

It's not all just fast stuff either. There are moments, like the intro of "Show Me the Wrath" which are twistingly heavy at a pretty slow speed. Doom? No, but good thrash features variation in speed, and Sepultura are toying with that here. This is no landmark album, but it's the last of theirs to occupy that middle ground between thrash, black and death, and at the least it's a fun and nostalgic listen.

Standouts: Troops of Doom, Funeral Rites, Morbid Visions

Score: 7/10
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