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- ROS cut their set short by about half of their allotted time because of some technical failure and were visibly butthurt; after a bunch of people asked them to play one last song anyway the singer said he didn't know how to sing in half speed

- This was Thy Art Is Murder's first US performance ever and they fucking ruled; would love to see them headline sometime

- A band from Las Vegas, Tales of the Grotesque, filled the special guest slot at the last minute

- Aeon brought out all of the "I'd rather be on Encyclopedia Metallum" folks out of the woodwork; I personally enjoyed them although they were probably not that great of a booking for the tour's management

- Revocation were tight - on a technical level - as expected but their sound mixing made it incredibly difficult to hear Davidson's vocals or his guitar, so that long-awaited performance was somewhat of a disappointment; didn't get to hear Cradle Robber, either

- The Ocean's new material sounded great - haven't listened to the record yet - but compared to their gig in Moscow last February it was a bit lacking in oomph

- Cattle Decapitation did what they do well but I didn't feel it at all

- Norma Jean - a band that I hadn't checked out in advance - were absolutely fucking incredible and I'm absolutely stoked to check them out on record

- Periphery weren't as enjoyable live as they were on-record for me although I was happy to see so many people singing along

- Animals as Leaders weren't as fun in the setting of the Regency Ballroom as they were in the sweaty confines of Plan B in Moscow, so I wasn't as immersed in the experience as I was then; Tosin still amazes

- DEP were a sight for sore fuckin' eyes and I'm glad to have seen them again after three years of waiting since the first time I saw 'em
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