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The Darkness – Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Buddy Guy – My Time After Awhile (Live)
Metallica – Hell And Back
Santana – Samba Pa Ti
Van Halen – Little Guitars
Trans Siberian Orchestra – After The Fall
Rammstein – Ich Will
Iced Earth – Hallowed Be Thy Name
The Police - Walking On The Moon
Guns ‘N’ Roses – Nighttrain (Live)
Metallica – Sad But True (Live)
Van Halen – Girl Gone Bad
Poison – The Last Song
Tool – Schism (Extended Version – Live)
Black Country Communion – Cold
Pink Floyd – The Thin Ice
The Beatles – Oh! Darling
Aerosmith – Lord Of The Thighs (Live)
Deep Purple – Hard Lovin’ Woman (Live)
Black Country Communion – Save Me
Queen – Flick Of The Wrist
Ace Frehley – Rip It Out (Live)
Alice Cooper – Love’s A Loaded Gun
Foo Fighters – Headwires
Led Zeppelin – Somethin’ Else (Live)
9/27 Imelda May
10/9 Alter Bridge
10/10 Fleetwood Mac
10/11 Judas Priest (?)
10/29 Ian Anderson
10/30 Mastodon
12/19 TSO
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