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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
- It's in a not great location in terms of transportation. Getting there is a huge pain in the ass as it's basically in the middle of nowhere near Polson Pier.

- It's narrow as fuck inside, so when they fill the place it's almost impossible to move around.

- The sightlines are terrible. If you're not at the front getting squished to shit or not at least 6 foot 5, you can't see anything.

- Did I mention it's in the middle of goddamn nowhere and hard to get to?

Seriously, that venue sucks, yet because it's one of the few (if not the only) mid-sized venues in Toronto a lot of mid-sized metal bands book their shows there. I keep telling myself after every show I go to there that it'll be the last show I attend at Sound Academy, but then I get suckered in when a band I haven't seen yet or in a long time plays there and i'm like "...Fuck"

But seriously, never again.
All of this.

I thought the reason the place was hard to find was because i'm not from the Toronto area. It's just in the middle of nowhere right on the water, crappy parking and a pain just to find. The venue is cut off from the main city and is way off the path. My friend and I have been there twice to see Nightwish. The main reason we went both times is because we're both big fans of theirs and Toronto is as close as they get to us when they tour. The view of the stage is terrible if you're not at least in the front half of the crowd. It's hard to believe they jam in 3,000-4,000 people in there for shows that sell well because of how narrow the place is. Both shows I've seen there were great but overall the venue's not that good.
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