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I agree the attendance was shit this year witch Im not surprised cause the lineup was so half assed. But I do remember 2010 being pretty freaking packed all day, 2011 was even hotter than this year so it only filled up once the main stage opened, last year I remember most seats being full but the lawn was empty.(witch Iv have a few theories as to why that is) But yeah 2010 was the one year where there was actually a lot of people. Idk I mean I had a blast but overall the audience didn't seem nearly as stoked to be there as years past. I can remember waiting for all that remains to come on back in 09, and having literally less than 0 personal space, and that was while tbdm was playing on the other stage. I want that shit back damnit. Oh well I guess. I suppose the economy is shit, and the comcast center is a huge venue with outrageous prices.
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