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Mayhem Festival -- Darien Center, NY -- July 14th, 2013

It was hot as hell Sunday for Mayhem. We got there about 130 but was stuck in traffic going in. The lot was more than half full with people tailgating. We didn't get in until about 2. Wanted to check out Huntress but missed them. They get mixed reviews but I kind of dig them. Anyway as we got in there was only about 500 people in there an Attika 7 had just started. It actually took me a couple songs to realize the front man was Evan Seinfeld. I'm slow..ha. They were really good. Good energy and they got the crowd going. Im going to have to check their stuff out.

Next was Battlecross, one of the bands I really wanted to see. Quite a few more people showed up as they were starting up. To put it simply, they just kicked ass for thirty minutes. They got a lot of energy and everyone there at that point was really into them. They incited the first violent pit of the day. The lead singer is a pretty funny dude too. I like them more after seeing them live.
Breaking You
Man of Stone
Force Fed Lies
Flesh & Bone
Pursuit of Honor
Push Pull Destroy

Next was Born Of Osiris but we ran for a water break. Wasn't paying 4.50 for another bottle of water. Fuck that. Came back as they were doing their last few songs. They were nothing special to me but I didn't hate them either.

Now for Butcher Babies. All I got to say is nice tits...ha. They weren't doing it for me. Watched about two songs and went to walk around. met up with some friends, checked out the tents and the Sumerian stage and got something to eat. Missed Motionless in White (on purpose) and Jobb For A Cowboy in the process. I could never really get into JFAC anyway. Headed back for a good spot for Machine Head but first we had to ndure twenty minutes of maybe the most insufferable band in the galaxy, Emmure. They don't deserve any more comment from me..ha

Next was Machine Fuckin Head. Another band I most definitely wanted to see. And needless to say they laid waste to the place. Big violent pits, an inordinate amount of crowd surfers, and everyone banging heads and singing. I had two surfers fall on my head from behind. No permanent damage though. Imperium, Locust and Halo are just monster songs live. Its a shame they only got to play five songs. Seems weird for them to be playing that low on the bill. Either way they kicked ass as they always do.
Machine Head:
Beautiful Mourning

Next Children of Bodom. Im not their biggest fan, and have never seen them live, but teally enjoyed them. They did a couple of my favorites from them. The crowd wasn't that into them as I thought and quite a few people left also, to go do whatever. Probably needed recovery after MH. I fell back a little bit for some shade but could still watch them.
Children Of Bodom:
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Hate Me!
Hate Crew Deathroll
Angels Don't Kill
Halo of Blood
In Your Face

After that it was on the main stage and we headed out towards the lawn for Amon Amarth. Another I really wanted to see. I've only gotten into to them the last couple years but haven't got the chance to see them live . We started seeing a few Amon Amarth shirts, and guys with Johan wrist bands and even some Viking helmets.
Not everyone was into them but the few who were loved it. They are just big and powerful live. Johan growling and roaring, and those thundering drums going right through you. They kicked ass. Makes me want to worship a Norse God. Im going to be listening to them a lot more now.
Amon Amarth:
Destroyer of the Universe
The Pursuit of Vikings
War of the Gods
Deceiver of the Gods
Death in Fire
Twilight of the Thunder God

Now for Mastodon. Im not going say anything we don't already know. They came out and killed it like always. They were pretty much in top form. I love Black Tongue as an opener. Crystal Skull was next and caused a modest mosh pit next to us on the lawn. Love that they ended with Blood and Thunder. My only gripe is Bedazzled Fingernails. I would've rather heard something much better in its place. But they were awesome nonetheless. Bran thanked everyone and said it was nice to be home, as him and Bill Keliher are from close by in Rochester.
Black Tongue
Crystal Skull
Dry Bone Valley
All the Heavy Lifting
Bedazzled Fingernails
Curl of the Burl
Blood and Thunder

So that was it for the day at mayhem. We had no desire to sit through 5 finger Pussy Fuck and we've seen Zombie headline recently and his setlist is pretty stale now. A plus to that was not having to sit in post concert traffic and got home in time for Dexter. I'd say maybe a few thousand people at the most were there. All in all a fun and hot day.
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