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Quick rundown of my day:

Got there about an hour before doors and chilled in the parking lot with my friends, ate some food, had some drinks and went in.

Thrown into Exile had just finished as we were walking in, so nothing about them.

Watched some of Huntress and they were ok at best; I don't like the whole gimmick the chick who sings for them puts on. I thought it was pretty lame. 4/10.

Attika 7 were next and they surprisingly were not bad. If anyone heard someone screaming Biohazard during their set, that was me. 6/10.

Up next was Battlecross, a band I never really gave the time of day, but after seeing them live I will be checking them out more. They kicked ass. 7.5/10.

Born of Osiris were up next and were awesome. This was my second time seeing them and they were just as good as last time. Great set. 8/10.

Didn't watch one minute of Butcher Babies, went and found some shade during their set. From a distance, they sounded horrible.

Motionless in White were next and played a good set. I am a fan of their first album Creatures, so it was pretty disappointing to hear only one song off of it. The rest was all off their new album Infamous. This band is trying way too hard to be like Manson now, but the songs were not as bad live as on record. 7/10.

Job for a Cowboy killed it. They translate so well live, can not wait to see them again. 8.5/10.

Although I'm sure I'm the only person on this forum who would ever say it, I thought Emmure was awesome. They really got the crowd going and were heavy as fuck. 8/10.

Machine Head was the last band I saw on the side stages, and like the previous three times I had seen them live, they were excellent. Best band on the side stages, 'nuff said. 9/10.

We chose to not watch Children of Bodom and instead made our way to our seats to relax for a bit. Amon Amarth hit the main stage to a small, uninterested crowd. The first slot on the main stage is probably the worst on the fest. I thought they sounded good but their set seemed really short. 7/10.

I was curious as to how Mastodon would sound live last night, as in 2008 at the Comcast Center they sounded so bad that I had to walk out. They sounded mint last night. Awesome set, it was great to see these guys live again. 8.5/10

Five Finger Death Punch, was, well, Five Finger Death Punch. They were tight and the crowd was into them, but I just really can't get over how much the guys in this band are all absolute tools, specifically Ivan Moody. 6/10.

Rob Zombie, like usual, was awesome and entertaining. Great way to cap off a pretty damn good day of metal. 9/10.
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