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About the attendance, a few das ago I was checking out the interactive seat maps on ticketmaster for Mayhem, Gigantour and Uproar just to see how the tours were selling. These tours are selling like crap everywhere. I think there's just too many amphitheater package tours and people are either getting tired of seeing them or they have to make a choice between going to one or the other. In the end these tours are suffering from low attendance and it might be time for bands just to get back to headlining on their own again instead of these package tours.

Mayhem came here on sunday and I didn't go because I didn't have much interest to see a couple bands I like play six or seven songs and that's it. Plus, Zombie's headlining sets have gotten pretty boring from a song selection standpoint. I know a couple people who went and they said that the first couple sections were filled but about half the reserved seats were empty and the lawn was pretty empty to. They need to do something new with these tours or just end them altogether.
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