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Trap Them -- Allston, MA -- June 23rd, 2013

Going to this show actually worked out so insanely perfectly for me. The Brooklyn show was 21+, but I was starting tour that day anyway, and we were playing Massachusetts while they were playing Massachusetts the next day, and so were they. Our show was a 5 PM start, theirs was a 10 PM start. So, we played our show, it was absolutely perfect, one of the best of tour, headed 45 minutes back toward the Boston area and got there as Trap Them was setting up. I am a HUGE Trap Them fan, they are easily one of my favorite bands, and this was definitely the best time I've seen them as well as the most violent and insane as far as the crowd goes. This is a cool thing, because if you've ever seen Trap Them, it was most likely a group of people who didn't know who they were sort of standing there and/or headbanging a little bit. I've had the pleasure to see them headline twice now, and it's been perfect both times. Anyway, I bet you guys don't even really care, so here's the set:

Fucking Viva
Damage Prose
Slumcult & Gather
Every Walk A Quarantine
Dead Fathers Wading In The Bodygrounds
Guignol Serene
All By The Constant Vulse
Mission Convincers
The Facts
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